With over 20 years of aquarium industry experience TANKAID proudly serves Houston and the greater Houston area!

*Water Quality Analysis

*Water Changes

*Interior/ Exterior Glass Cleaning

*Siphon Clean Gravel

*Filtration System Cleaning

*Filter Media Replacement As Necessary

*Protein Skimmer Cleaning

*Visual Presentation Upgrades

*Aquarium Supplies


About Us:

We believe in providing first class professional services for your aquarium system.  We are not only concerned with the appearance of your aquarium, but also it's health and stability.  Reef and saltwater aquariums have especially sensitive ecosystems and we want to make sure they thrive! So whether you are looking to setup a new display, upgrade an existing aquarium, or just maintain the cleanliness and appearance of your present aquarium, we will provide a custom plan to suit your specific needs.

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Jonell E.


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Chris M.


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Reuben & Audrienne