We have a 75 gal. fresh water tank and have used other maintenance services before.  However, Chaen's Tankaid service is by far the best.  He is thorough, creative, reliable, knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly.  We can always count on him to keep to his schedule and come on time. He and his crew are neat and always clean up completely after they are finished with the work.  I highly recommend them.

                                                                Bernard and Carol G.

Chaen has been cleaning and maintaining my tank for 6+years and I'm so happy I met him. I saved so much money and my livestock have stayed alive thanks to him, well organized and friendly , knows alot about the fish business.  I will recommended to any one that's been spending money and not getting results . Thanks you Chaen keep up the good work."

                                                                                      Jr lona

"Chaen does a great job every time! He is dependable, informative and I like how he updates my tank each visit. Strongly recommend!"

                                                                               Chris Martin

"I've been using TankAid for over a year and my tank has never looked better. The TankAid team is very professional and courteous, arrive on time and do an outstanding job servicing my tank. They are the best in my book."

                                                                            Nancy Parrish

"Chaen has been maintaining our aquarium for many, many years. He is friendly and his work is totally awesome! Every time, after the tank is cleaned, we see a new Under the Sea Masterpiece! Thanks Chaen.."

                                                          Taros and Carol Dickerson

"Thanks to Chaen for all the hard work and keeping my 72 gallon reef aquarium in top shape. I specially appreciate all the good advice on fish, corals, anemones, and equipment. Excellant service and advice."

                                                                 Steve and Joyce Burr

"Chaen Wong is without a doubt the most professional, efficient, and thorough Fish Expert I've encountered. Above all else he is trustworthy...I can leave him alone in my home knowing that nothing bad will happen. I would recommend his services to anyone."

                                                                  Michael Craig


"Chaen is the best fish tank man that I know. We have used his company for the past four years and just when I think my tank could not look any better he out does his self again ! If my fish could talk they would tell everyone how happy they are when he shows up. They know he is going to spend anywhere between an hour and a half to two hours making our 125 gallon tank look like a show piece!  All the gravel has been cleaned and rearranged as well as all the glass has been detailed and all the filters have been changed and of course all the increments that we fish lovers have to have in our tank have been removed, cleaned and put back in a total different way than before. It is like having you own fish tank designer when Chaen shows up. Chaen does a great job every time!


P.S. People will tell you that fish do not have babies in captivity well I am here to tell you that this guy does such a good job on our tank that our fish do not know they are in captivity and two different sets of our fish have had babies since we have been usng Chaens service.

Way to go Chaen, keep up the good work, see you next month ! from Sugar land,."

                                                                Sherry Athearn


"Almost two years ago my wife and I bought a home in Northwest Houston. One of the selling points was a large fresh water fish tank that was built-in to one of the walls. With no prior experience taking care of any kind of fish, we had no idea what to do. Chaen came very highly recommended by the previous owner of the house and so we decided to lean on his expertise. Not only has our fish tank been beautiful ever since, but Chaen and his wife have become great friends. They've bought gifts for our children and even watered our plants while we we've been gone! We look forward to each time he schedules an appointment because we know he'll add a new rock or plant feature to keep the tank interesting. We're grateful for everything he does and definitely couldn't do it without him! Thanks!"



Tankaid has now been servicing my 55 gallon freshwater tanks for over 3 years I have been very impressed with their service, knowledge, and  professionalism. My tank has remained healthy with a new scene provided after each maintenance visit. I would recommend their service to anyone who is tired of the Fish Store excuses about dying fish. My fish are now reaching sizes I did not know as possible in this size tank.

                                                                            John Dunston

"Hiring Chaen for our aquarium needs was the best thing that ever happened to our aquarium."  "He goes well beyond what we pay him for!"  "He tells us exactly what we need, as far as the kind and the size of the fish and even assists us if we call him while we are buying the fish!"  "If you want someone taking care of your aquarium who you can fully trust and rely on to make your aquarium beautiful and healthy, call Chaen! You will not be disappointed!!"

                                                                                 Kevin Hurt

"Chaen has been servicing our aquarium for over a year. My husband and I have been very pleased with his work. He takes a personal interest in making sure that he does a thorough job. Not only does he educate us on the types of fish that work best in our freshwater aquarium, but we especially like that he changes the decor of the aquarium every time he cleans the tank. This keeps our aquarium looking new, interesting and never boring. Thank you,"

                                                     Chaen! Reuben and Audrienne

"I have had the pleasure to have Chaen service and take care of my 200 gallon saltwater tank and 80 gallon freshwater tank over the past 2 years. He is extremely knowledgeable and gives his customers a fair honest price. He is friendly and can be contacted with any questions or concerns you have about your tank. I strongly recommend him to anyone that wants to have a beautiful tank without the headache of maintaining one!


"I have used several other companies offering the same service and tankaid is leaps and bounds ahead of them it feels like you have an old friend coming to clean your tank they are courteous and very knowledgeable when it comes to what they are doing they are the best in my book listen to them and you cant go wrong with your tank"

                                                           Nicholas Roth

"I have been using TankAid services since 2005, and I have always been ahappy customer. I have moved at least twice since my first day of service, and Ihave never lost a fish during a move! My tank is beautiful and my fish are healthy, thanks to TankAid. I would recommend this service to anyone who loves aquariums."

                                                          Jonell Edwards

I am a first time aquarium owner that acquired a tank after moving into a new home.  Like many new tank owners I was in over my head.  It was a 150 gallon behemoth that had two Eheim 5 gallon canister filters and needed more attention than I had the experience to give.  The tank was in bad shape and really needed a major overhaul.  I spent time searching for an aquarium professional and like all vendor choices, it is a competitive marketplace.  After careful consideration, I chose Chaen and his business Tankaid for the initial job.  Our first encounter couldn’t have been better.  I learned that not only does he have 20 years of experience with aquarium maintenance but he also has a passion for water life.  Since he transformed my tank 4 years ago with an all new tank background, filter repair, and numerous other upgrades he has maintained a perfect tank ever since.  Chaen doesn't just show up at your house to do a job, he cares about the timing of the job, the fish in the tank, asking how your day is going, ensuring that you are happy with the end result, and sparing no detail in between.  We have had a 4 year working relationship and he has never once missed an appointment, schedules a week in advance, and when he arrives will usually tell you an interesting story about his native home of Thailand!  Best of all, your tank will transform into a whole new scene as he provides a scene change with every visit.  Weather you are new to the aquarium world and looking for someone that can help you learn along the way, or you are just tired of a vendor that doesn’t live up to your expectations, you should give Chaen at Tankaid a call.

                                                                                 Dustin H

"Chaen is the BEST! We feel very lucky to finally have a knowledgeable person to care for our Fish and Tank! He is the real Deal! Each visit he takes the time to redesign the tank so our fish have a new environment to explore. They Love it!! He also checks our fish to make sure they are all in good health. Thanks Chaen for Everything you do."

                                                      Mark and Christine Havens~

                                             Christine Gondron Havens-CSP

Since owning a saltwater aquarium we have not had anyone or company maintain our aquarium and fish the way Chaen and his employees at Tankaid do.  Chaen is very knowledgeable and detailed in his work.  Tankaide's customer service is exceptional and the results are amazing.  Chaen used thoughtful and creative techniques and worked very hard to turn our aquarium around and clean it up.  Tankaide keeps up-to date with technology, and cares about educating their customers.   Our fish are now healthy, the coral is growing, and the tank is clear and colorful.  All of which can only happen with professional work, the kind you will find with Tankaid.


                                                                     Kendall and David

"I felt so fortunate to find Chaen's website. He has been caring for my aquarium for over a year, and I (and my fish) have been very happy. Chaen is competent, reliable, efficient, innovative and one of the most pleasant people you could ask to meet. His rates are more than reasonable also. 5-star rating"

                                                                      GRH,  G.G.

Just a little over a year and a half ago, I was ready to quit the Saltwater hobby. Frustrated by constant coral die offs and fish illness, I was ready to throw in the towel. Poor service from the tank designer, anger with prices at the tank designer’s shop and a whole bunch of other things had me fed up. I was over it.


But, just before I hung it up for good, my wife encouraged me to call in some outside help. Enter Chaen and Tankaid. Ever since Chaen had entered our lives, owning a saltwater aquarium had not only been a breeze from the maintenance perspective but had actually made the hobby fun again. I was devastated when I found out we were going to have to move across town and dismantle the tank that Chaen and I had worked so hard to salvage.


Chaen and I got to talking about how bummed we were that we were going to tear out the old tank, and before I knew it he and I were designing my new tank, cutting out the middleman altogether and using the lessons learned from my first experience to create a truly hassle free setup in my new home. Since that time, I have the new tank up and running and Chaen is helping me to make it better than ever. Coral is growing, fish are healthy and Chaen has a customer for as long as I’m able to continue in the hobby.


Search everywhere you can for better pricing and service (believe me, I have!) and when you settle on Chaen the rest of Tankaid you’ll be ecstatic that you did.


A. McCord, The Heights

As I write this, I spend time reading the words that so many have spoken about Mr. Chaen.  Trying not to repeat the same words is difficult.  Mr. Chaen, has not only been a blessing to our saltwater aquarium life, but he has truly become a friend.  He is more than service, he is more than an advisor, he is someone that truly understands the meaning of going above and beyond.  He not only does an excellent job, but when disaster happens, he reacts to the sense of urgency that most people would ignore.  When our original Tank started to fail us, he rushed over to get our fish and our coral.  He advised on on where to buy a replacement tank, he met me at the store to ensure that I was well taken care of.  He saved us a lot of money with his direction on who to deal with during these times as well.  I was ready to give up, and he is is the only reason we still the tranquility of our saltwater aquarium today.  I'm sure you can find someone else to service your tank, but they will fall short of the service and kindness that Mr. Chaen brings.

                                                 Ronnie & Melissa Mercer